How to see the SQL behind DBI self service pages?

With the Oracle Forms, it is easy to see behind the forms which view/table is involved. You can also see how the columns are mapped to the fields on the forms.

This became an issue when the self service html forms started dominating the scene. One of the reason I hate the self service pages is there is no easy way to see the SQL code behind, atleast there was no mechanism provided by Oracle to do this in a easy way.

Recently, I came to know the trick to see the code behind Daily Business Intelligence Financial Pages. All you have to do is set the following profiles.

FND: Debug Log Enabled to Yes
FND: Debug Log Level to Error
FND: Debug Log Module to BIS%

This might work for other modules too but not sure yet. This does not mean I am going to change my opinion about self service applications. The UI is the worst if you compare it to the GUI forms – Ugly long URLs in the browser – Takes far more number of mouse clicks and page navigations to get things done compared to the GUI forms.

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