How to build Excel Dashboards – 8

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Create Pie Chart

We will now create a pie chart by product name





It is nice to know that the revenue distribution is not dominated by a single product.

We can now change the “Category name parameter” to see the product distribution for other category


By Category = Beverages


Summary of steps so far
” Create a foundation table portlet (Qlet)
” Add Calculations and any derived columns
” Add Date hierarchy columns as needed
” Create Date parameters if needed
” Create drop down list of values as parameters
” Create charts using the base Qlet
” Delete the foundation portlet when not needed and you are done with the dashboard design
” Arrange the remaining portlets in desired format.

Once you are done with all the Qlets (query/table portlet) and Glets (graphic portlets), it is advisable to save the dashboard file, copy the file and work on the new file for finishing and polishing the dashboard.

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