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Create Year and Category Parameters

Remember, we have not built any charts yet. It is very important that we build our foundation Qlet and its corresponding parameters so that all of the drop down parameters can be leveraged in the charts.

It definitely helps to plan your dashboard development. Since the dashboard tool is easy to work with, we should still make an attempt to always plan so that we don’t duplicate our effort.

During the development, it may happen that you will get lots of ideas on implementing different ways. I would suggest to save the base dashboard definition once you have frozen all the parameters and Qlets. Before you start building charts, create a copy of the dashboard file as backup.

In our data, we have details about items that are sold on a particular date. We have the unit price, and quantity information. We also have the category for each item that they belong to. So it makes sense to include a parameter for the item category so that we can select only the items belonging to a particular category.

Right click on the “Category Name”, navigate to Create ==> Create Parameter


It creates a new parameter named “Category Name”



You may place this anywhere you feel appropriate.

Similarly, right click on the “Or Year” column and create the parameter





NOTE: Often it does not make sense to have a year drop down and a date range parameter.

Because if the year value and the date ranges fall apart or do not intersect then you will not see any data output. In this tutorial we provided the year and date ranges only for demonstration so if you need only one, do not use the other.

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