How did I become an Oracle Apps Consultant?

Frankly, I had no clue what I was going to become. Infact, deep down I did
not want to become anything. I was (am) very much influenced by the teachings of
Swami Vivekananda and Ramakrishna Paramhansa. I was influenced to the extent that
I had made decision to lead a similar life as the ascetics in India.

At that time I was doing by Computer Science and Engineering from VJTI so my father very well aware of my intentions asked me to at least finish my engineering and in the mean time I kept my options open.

During those years in engineering I became more open minded and started beginning to understand the fact that shunning myself from the world may not be the best option to pursue my spiritual journey.

 Fast-forward to this day, my world is totally different than I wanted it to be but there
is no regret, infact I thank the almighty that things did not work out the way I wished.

I have learnt the fact that “everything happens for the best” and constantly amazed by
its relevance by all the events that have occurred in my life.

One of the things was becoming an Oracle apps consultant. I did not wanted to go out of
Mumbai and just wished for a job within my city but during my campus interview I got selected to work at Wipro. Since Wipro was one of the first companies after TCS and since I was eligible to appear for the aptitude test (based on my grades) I thought of giving the test just to find out what an aptitude test really is.

God knows what happened but in spite of my effort I got selected and I was no longer eligible to apply for any other campus jobs! I just gave the test to gain some experience for the other Mumbai based companies those were scheduled for the campus on a later date. This was a major shock to my family and me.

I settled my mind with the truth that “everything happens for the best”; there must be a greater plan in action otherwise how else could I have passed the test and the interview where I didn’t put any effort?

Finally I arrive at the Wipro office in Bangalore and was put into the applications group. I did not have any clue what this group does. I was put in a group that was providing offshore support to Seagate (the hard disk manufacturer).

Slowly and steadily I was bombarded with the MRP and ERP stuff. There were some great seniors (Sunil, Vivek and Sai) who were always eager to mentor and help me out and that really made my life easy.

At that time around 1997-1998 Seagate was using ManMan (an MRP system), Oracle Applications 10.7 character and smartclient (GUI) for some other modules.

Since I was not billable I was not important and nobody really cared what I was doing. So I utilized this freedom to learn on my own and help my colleagues with whatever skills I had picked up during my college years.

Frankly speaking all this ERP stuff was too overwhelming for me. I had never come across
nor imagined how a company could ever need such a complex piece of software, so many customizations and so many sub-systems.

I came strictly from a strong technical background, dealing with assembly language, “C” and Pascal programming, learning about the microprocessors etc and never had any exposure to the business side of any business.

But eventually I started getting hold of the concepts and learnt some tricks on how to attack any ERP related stuff.
Since I have good learning abilities I gained enough expertise in a short period.

I worked at Wipro for almost a year and since the ERP job market was hot at that time I managed to get a job in the “wonderful USA”. In all the ERP projects, I have found that I have always been the youngest of all my colleagues.

The reason for this could be that I got an early break in this lucrative field whereas most of my colleagues had prior job experience in some other field and got themselves trained in Oracle Applications.

Thanks to the almighty force for taking me through the shortcut πŸ™‚

“Everything happens for the best”, don’t you agree?

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