Google Adwords – Automated rules

Google adwords team has posted some examples on how to use Adwords for the following scenarios

Scheduling ads
Turning on/off special ads for a promotional event
Turning on/off certain ads on a repeating basis (e.g., every weekend)
Turning on/off a special ad campaign for a promotional event
Pausing low-performing ads or keywords
Pausing low-performing keywords based on success metrics (e.g., high cost per conversion)
Pausing low-performing ads based on success metrics (e.g., low CTR)
Bids and bid scheduling
Adjusting bids for keywords based on cost per conversion
Changing bids to reach a desired average position
Raising bids to ensure ads show on the first page
Bid scheduling (e.g., a higher bid during certain hours of the day)
Controlling budgets and cost
Increasing budget for campaigns that convert well (using cost per conversion)
Budget scheduling (e.g., higher budget on certain days of the week)
Pausing campaigns that have spent a certain amount partway through the month
Pausing campaigns that have received a certain number of clicks partway through the day
General examples
Understanding how to make a rule work on one, several or all campaigns
Excluding keywords from a rule