FA Key Tables fa_additions_b , fa_adjustments (2)

FA_ADDITIONS_B contains descriptive information to help you
identify your assets. Oracle Assets does not use this table to calculate
When you add an asset, Oracle Assets inserts a row into this table and
When you change the asset information stored in this table, Oracle
Assets updates it in this table. It also creates a new row in
When you perform a unit retirement, Oracle Assets reduces the
CURRENT_UNITS by the units retired.
UNIT_ADJUSTMENT_FLAG is set to YES by the Additions form if you
change the number of units for an asset. The Transfers form resets it to
NO after you reassign the remaining units.
FA_ADJUSTMENTS stores information that Oracle Assets needs to
create journal entries for transactions. The posting program creates
journal entries for regular depreciation expense from information in
FA_DEPRN_DETAIL. Oracle Assets inserts a row in this table for the
debit and credit sides of a financial transaction. All the rows for the
same transaction have the same value in the TRANSACTION_HEADER_ID column.
The SOURCE_TYPE_CODE column tells you which program created
the adjustment:

  • ADDITION Depreciation program
  • ADJUSTMENT Expensed or Amortized Adjustment User Exit
  • CIP ADDITION Depreciation program
  • CIP ADJUSTMENT Expensed or Amortized Adjustment User Exit
  • CIP RETIREMENT Gain/loss program
  • DEPRECIATION Depreciation program (Retroactive transactions and
    expensed depreciation adjustments)
  • RETIREMENT Gain/loss program
  • RECLASS Reclassification user exit
  • TRANSFER Transfers form
  • TAX Reserve Adjustments form
  • REVALUATION Mass revaluation program

The ADJUSTMENT_TYPE column tells you which type of account Oracle Assets adjusts.
DEBIT_CREDIT_FLAG is DR if the amount is a debit and CR if the amount is a credit.
ADJUSTMENT_AMOUNT is the amount debited or credited to the account.
ANNUALIZED_ADJUSTMENT is the adjustment amount for a period times the number of periods in a fiscal year. The depreciation program uses it to calculate the depreciation adjustment for an asset when you perform multiple retroactive transactions on the asset. Oracle Assets calculates ADJUSTMENT_PER_PERIOD by dividing the
ADJUSTMENT_AMOUNT for a retroactive transaction by the number
of periods between the period you entered the transaction and the
period that it was effective. For current period transactions, this column
is zero.
PERIOD_COUNTER_CREATED IS the period that you entered the adjustment into Oracle Assets.
PERIOD_COUNTER_ADJUSTED is the period to which the adjustment applies. It is the same as PERIOD_COUNTER_CREATED, unless you enter a reserve adjustment, in which case PERIOD_COUNTER_ADJUSTED is the last period of the fiscal year to which the adjustment applies.
CODE_COMBINATION_ID indicates the Accounting Flexfield combination Oracle Assets debits or credits for all transactions except reclassifications and intercompany transfers. This CODE_COMBINATION_ID is generated using the Account Generator, and the posting program does not perform any further processing.

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