ERP books for beginners

When I started my career with Oracle Apps, I wished so hard if there were any books that would get me jump started. But times have changed now, for new comers to Oracle Apps there is ample of information available all around the web. This is an advantage and might also lead to some confusion as to where to begin.

Recently, Roel of send me these awesome beginner books. I quickly glanced through it and knew at the first sight that these are truly useful resources for any beginner in Oracle Apps. So I asked one of my colleagues Kamlesh, who just started his career in Oracle Apps.

Flexfields for Oracle EBS


This book, I wished I had it in my early days and it would not had taken
that much of time to understand the topics of Flexfields and good screen shots to
understand the topics.

The topics of KFF and DFF are very well explained enough to be an expert.

BI Publisher for Oracle EBS

At the very first this books will tempt you to open through all the pages because of its cool green shiny
cover with nice animated nerdy charater.

This book is a real good start for myself. Havent touched those big
fat books for I was scared to invest considerable amount of time to commit for knowing BI publisher.

This book gives a very ground up start . With the simple and easy languange with lots of
screen shots to catch up the text description.

The book starts with the history of versions and the advantage of
learning BI publisher is that BI publisher developer can develop reports not just for Oracle but
also for Seibel,JD edwards and People soft.

The book gives step by step guided practice lessons. In short I would recommend this will be a great selection to start with


Apart from the above two books, there are others in the series like System Administration and Workflow. I am looking forward to more topics being covered in similar style.

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