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Buy Bystolic Without Prescription, Here are few scripts that I use to validate actual balances. In the below script, you can add or remove dimensions based on the actuals report you have created in EPB, Bystolic natural.

Let's say you have a actuals report that has line, What is Bystolic, cost center and period then you can include those dimensions in the below query (in between select and sum and also include them in the group by clause). Also restrict the below query by cal_period_id
select cctr,line_desc, effects of Bystolic,
sum(xtd_balance_e), Buy Bystolic from mexico, sum(xtd_balance_f),
sum(qtd_balance_f), no prescription Bystolic online,
sum(ytd_balance_e), Comprar en línea Bystolic, comprar Bystolic baratos, sum(ytd_balance_f),
sum(ptd_credit_balance_e), Bystolic overnight,
sum(ytd_debit_balance_e), Bystolic street price, sum(ytd_credit_balance_e)
b.ledger_name ledger,
c.cal_period_name cal_per,
d.company_cost_center_org_name cctr, order Bystolic from United States pharmacy,
d.description cctr_desc, Online buying Bystolic hcl, e.financial_elem_name fin_elem,
g.line_item_name line,
g.description line_desc, Bystolic used for,
j.user_dim2_name, Taking Bystolic, j.description dim2_desc,
xtd_balance_f, Bystolic mg,
qtd_balance_e, Buy Bystolic online cod, qtd_balance_f,
ytd_balance_f, buy cheap Bystolic no rx,
ptd_debit_balance_e, Bystolic online cod, ptd_credit_balance_e,
FROM fem_balances a, Bystolic canada, mexico, india,
fem_ledgers_tl b, Where can i cheapest Bystolic online, fem_cal_periods_tl c,
fem_cctr_orgs_tl d,
fem_fin_elems_tl e, Bystolic interactions,
fem_ln_items_tl g, Buying Bystolic online over the counter, fem_user_dim2_tl j
WHERE a.ledger_id = b.ledger_id
AND a.cal_period_id = c.cal_period_id
AND a.company_cost_center_org_id = d.company_cost_center_org_id
AND a.financial_elem_id = e.financial_elem_id
AND a.line_item_id = g.line_item_id
AND a.user_dim2_id = j.user_dim2_id
and a.ledger_id in and c.cal_period_id =

group by line_desc

Similarly you can construct a query against GL Balances as below

cctr_org, line_item
,sum(XTD_BALANCE_E), order Bystolic no prescription,sum(XTD_BALANCE_E) XTD_BALANCE_F
, Bystolic from mexico, sum(YTD_BALANCE_E)
,sum(PTD_DEBIT_BALANCE_E), is Bystolic addictive,sum(PTD_CREDIT_BALANCE_E)
, Fast shipping Bystolic, sum(YTD_DEBIT_BALANCE_E)
case when gcc.account_type in ('R','E')
then bal.Period_Net_Dr - bal.Period_Net_Cr
else ((bal.period_net_dr + bal.begin_balance_dr) - (bal.period_net_cr + bal.begin_balance_cr))
XTD_BALANCE_E, Bystolic steet value, ((bal.period_net_dr + bal.begin_balance_dr) - (bal.period_net_cr + bal.begin_balance_cr)) YTD_BALANCE_E
, Purchase Bystolic for sale, bal.period_net_dr PTD_DEBIT_BALANCE_E
,bal.period_net_cr PTD_CREDIT_BALANCE_E
,bal.period_net_dr + bal.begin_balance_dr YTD_DEBIT_BALANCE_E, buy Bystolic from canada,bal.period_net_cr + bal.begin_balance_cr YTD_CREDIT_BALANCE_E
, Bystolic price, (
case when gcc.account_type = 'R' then '455'
when gcc.account_type = 'E' then '457'
else '100'
,gcc.segment3 CCTR_ORG
,gcc.segment1 NATURAL_ACCOUNT, generic Bystolic,gcc.segment5 CHANNEL
, Purchase Bystolic, gcc.segment1 LINE_ITEM
,gcc.segment7 PROJECT
,gcc.segment6 CUSTOMER, order Bystolic online overnight delivery no prescription,gcc.segment2 region
, Bystolic pharmacy, gcc.segment4 legal_entity
from gl_balances bal
, gl_sets_of_books sob
, gl_code_combinations gcc, Bystolic from canada, gl_periods gp
where bal.actual_flag='A'
and bal.set_of_books_id in < list of ids ie. Bystolic australia, uk, us, usa, value of set_of_books_id from gl_sets_of_books>
and bal.period_name=gp.period_name
and bal.currency_code='USD'
and bal.set_of_books_id = sob.set_of_books_id
and bal.code_combination_id = gcc.code_combination_id
and gp.period_set_name =
and gp.period_name=
or ytd_balance_e<>0
or  ptd_debit_balance_e <> 0
or ptd_credit_balance_e <> 0
or ytd_debit_balance_e <> 0
or ytd_credit_balance_e <> 0
group by

The angular brackets <> need to be replaced with real values applicable for your situation, Bystolic images.

Also, change the segment mapping, in the above query segment3 is cctr_org but in your case it could be totally different segment.

Query the below table

select * from fnd_id_flex_segments where id_flex_code='GL#' order by id_flex_num and it would give you the mapping that is used in your chart of accounts structure.

Happy Troubleshooting ;-).

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