Embedded Analytics

Wayne Eckerson at SearchCIO.com offers his insight into Embedded Analytics. Here is what he says

Embedded analytics are the next wave in business intelligence because they bring BI closer to the operations and processes that drive businesses on a daily basis. Embedded analytics won’t replace standalone BI tools. Rather, they will make the functionality offered by such tool sets more readily available. By embedding BI functionality within operational applications and processes that drive the business, embedded analytics will make BI more operational, easier to use and pervasive — key challenges facing the current generation of BI adopters.
Oracle has an excellent embedded analytics offering that comes packaged and ready to use with Oracle Applications. Its called Daily Business Intelligence (DBI), that comes with pre-defined dashboards for Financial Intelligence, Payables Intelligence, HR and many other modules. There are few setups involved and need to run few concurrent requests on a periodic basis in order to refresh the data in the seeded dashboards. It also comes with DBI designer, so you can create custom reports and KPIs. DBI is an offering under the CPM umbrella.

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