Easy steps to uninstall (re-install) EPF and EPB

Enterprise Performance Foundation Refresh Engine, is a nice feature that ships with EPB and CPM offering. Its always been an issue un-installing Oracle tools installed on your PC. With the CPM offering, Oracle has provided this useful tool that allows you to reset all the setups and data back to the original state when the product was installed. So I shouldn’t call it an un-install but a simple way to re-install. It resets the data but keeps the seeded data.

You may refer to metalink doc Note:315272.1 for more information on this engine.

The Enterprise Performance Foundation Refresh engine provides users with the ability to remove all user created data from an FEM database environment, thereby returning that environment to the original install state.  This functionality is particularly useful for demo environments, so that consultants can remove any customizations that they may have implemented, without requiring the assistance of system and/or database administrators to re-create the database. 

One important feature of the Refresh engine is that while it removes all user created data, it does preserve all of the seeded data, so that the environment can be used again for a subsequent demo.

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