Discoverer with R12 setup for AP, AR, GL

If your Discoverer reports are not returning data in R12 then here are the steps

R12 uses new Security Policies and for Receivables, it uses Views starting with ARFG
Please follow the following steps :
1. Create a new responsibility with Accounts Payables/ Accounts Receivables as Application. (skip this if you already have custom responsibilities)
2. Set the profile options necessary for AP / AR like MO: Operating Unit ,MO: Security Profile
3. Do the necessary setup required for GL like segment rules and profile options
4. Set the system profile option: ‘Initialization SQL Statement – Custom’ for the responsibility to value
‘Begin GL_SECURITY_PKG.init(); end;’ .
5. Login to Receivables responsibility and you will get discoverer data for AP, AR and GL.

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