Discoverer Snapshot Report Generator

Recently, my current client asked me if there was any easy way to document all the EUL information in one file. I thought of recommending the standard EUL workbooks to extract the necessary information but since the client asked for an easy way I did not suggest that. It is certainly one way of documenting it but not necessarily the best way.

The problem was, there was no tool or method available in order to create the document in the best way.

So with almost 20 hrs of coding during the weekend, I whipped up some java code, using the standard queries and came up with a robust mechanism to create the document in just “One Click”.

Check this Sample Discoverer EUL and Workbook Generated Document,

It took less than 1 minute to generate the entire document into a pdf file with just “One Click”. Isn’t that easier than the
standard EUL workbooks?

The beauty of this generator is, you can add queries and create child nodes in the PDF document. You have solid formatting options. This can be run against any database containing the EUL information but before I present this to my client I would like your opinion on whether the document is presentable, does it have all the necessary information, any flaws, any suggestions?

You can email me at infocaptor”AT’

Thank you

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