Discoverer GL Workbooks return no data

If you happen to install Discoverer seeded apps EUL and use the seeded GL workbooks then there are chances that your workbooks may not show any data. (seeded means that comes pre-installed or with a patch from Oracle)

The cause for this no data in workbook issue is incomplete BIS setups

The “FII: GL BIS Discoverer access” profile option was not granted to the custom responsibility or to the Oracle “Applications Administrator” responsibility (used to administer the Discoverer EUL).

If this option is not set, no data will be returned in standard/seeded Discoverer GL workbooks.

How to fix this

1. Login as Sysadmin and System Administrator responsibility

Navigate to Profile => System



Enter ‘Yes’ in the highlighted field under responsibility


Save the settings and repeat the process for all other responsibilities that would access the GL Business area

Refresh the EUL and check if you are able to see the data. You will need to restart Discoverer Plus. Restart Oracle applications if you are launching Discoverer Plus from within Oracle apps.

This assumes that you have followed through all the installation steps in the document

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