Discoverer Business Views Overview

Categories: ERP
What are Business Views that Oracle refers to within all the intelligence products like BIS, Discoverer for APPs and Daily Business Intelligence?
  • A Business View is a database view on top of Oracle Apps Tables
  • Logical view encapsulating key columns and extra information from Flex Fields (Key and Descriptive)
  • Easy and Efficient mechanism to reflect any Flex Field changes
  • Pre-built Security encoded within each Business views.
  • Security is defined based on Operating Unit, Inventory Organization and Business Groups
  • Pre-seeded EUL Folders use Business Views as their data source Business Views is comparable to Noetix views
Why do we need to Regenerate Business Views?
  • Oracle just provides the base skeleton of the view.
  • This skeleton view usually has a suffix of _FV (FV = Full View)
  • This skeleton view has all the required columns plus instructions on how to extract the Flex Field Columns
  • Sample instruction '_DF:PER:PER_GRADES:grd‘
  • Business View Generator Program reads the skeleton view definition and creates a complete _FG view (Full Generated)
  • EUL Folders point to the _FG views
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