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Buy Allegra Without Prescription, In DBI (Daily Business Intelligence), the cost center hierarchy is maintained in the following table "fii_cost_ctr_hierarchies"


So, using the above table, it is possible to get all children for any given node. (This is possible from the FND tables in Oracle apps too)

Here is the query

SELECT child_value
SELECT LEVEL, doses Allegra work, Allegra maximum dosage, parent_cc_id,
child_cc_id, buy Allegra without prescription, Allegra street price, child_value,
lpad(' ', buy Allegra from canada, Real brand Allegra online, 3 *(LEVEL -1)) || child_desc cc_hrchy,
h.parent_cc_id, Allegra forum, Is Allegra addictive, h.child_cc_id
,node_child.flex_value child_value, Allegra blogs, Effects of Allegra, node_child.description child_desc
,h.is_leaf_flag, Allegra use, Allegra class, h.next_level_is_leaf_flag
from fii_cost_ctr_hierarchies h
, fnd_flex_values_vl node_child
where h.child_cc_id = node_child.flex_value_id
and node_child.flex_value_set_id = h.child_flex_value_set_id
and parent_level = child_level -1
START WITH parent_cc_id in ( select flex_value_id from fnd_flex_values_vl
where flex_value='
and flex_value_set_id = 1005351 )
CONNECT BY PRIOR child_cc_id = parent_cc_id
where next_level_is_leaf_flag='Y'

If you need to see only sub-parent nodes then replace the last line in the query to next_level_is_leaf_flag='N'

This query can be used in other reporting requirements such as using in any Discoverer reports, Allegra forum. Allegra alternatives, For e.g. In your GL chart of accounts, where can i buy cheapest Allegra online, Buying Allegra online over the counter, lets say your Cost Center is segment2 and there is a need to find total balance for some particular Cost Center node "XYZ" then you could write a query similar to

select sum(balance column)

from gl_balances gb, gl_code_combinations gcc

where gcc.code_combination_id= gb.code_combination_id

and .., order Allegra from mexican pharmacy. Herbal Allegra, and ...

and gcc.segment2 in ( result set from the above query...)

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