DBI: Daily Business Intelligence for Receivables

Daily Business Intelligence Family Pack G (7.3) is now available from Metalink. Please see the About Document, Metalink Note 391782.1 for a complete list of new features along with installation and setup instructions. New Feature Overview
This release launches Daily Business Intelligence for Receivables.

Daily Business Intelligence for Receivables empowers Receivables, Credit and Collections managers to stay on top of the critical information related to their department’s operational performance.

The increased visibility enables Receivables and Collections managers to reduce the time of operational problems discovery and resolution, and therefore, increase the effectiveness of their departments. It also provides valuable insight into the state of customers’ receivables payment patterns enabling Credit Managers to formulate Credit Policies that would prevent undesired impact on company’s bottom-line.

Daily Business Intelligence for Receivables consists of the Receivables Management and Receivables Status dashboards. Together they allow analysis of the key performance indicators (�KPIs�) such as Days Sales Outstanding, Average Days Delinquent, Open Receivables and Past Due Receivables Amount, and Unapplied Receipts Amount across multiple dimensions, such as time, organization, customers, and collectors. They empower managers to evaluate the performance of their organizations and discover systemic processing inefficiencies. In addition they offer valuable insight essential for evaluating the productivity of individual collectors.

This release also further enhances the Daily Business Intelligence for Financials.

Profit and Loss Analysis provides valuable insight necessary for evluating the information related to a company’s revenue, cost of goods sold, operating expenses, gross margin and operating margin.

The Profit and Loss Analysis Dashboard targets financial analysts and line managers who are responsible for supporting and analyzing revenue and expenditures for particular cost centers and company entities across different ledgers. The Dashboard features a company/cost center/account-oriented view of the company’s key profit and loss activity.

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