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One of the new features available in the upcoming release of InfoCaptor is the ability to auto-refresh multiple dashboards and automatically cycle through each dashboard.

You can set the cycle rate by clicking on the options button, click on the “Auto Refresh & Cycle Each Dashboard” checkbox and select the refresh rate at the desired number of seconds.



Issues: Currently if the refresh rate is set very low, Java is not able to trigger the Garbage collection and hence it creeps memory and eventually the application becomes un-responsive.

Ideally if the refresh rate is set to 2-3 minutes then it should run fine on a good machine. Ocassionally you may need to restart InfoCaptor if it starts slowing down.

Along with this we are also working on launching multiple dashboards at once using a common config file. This should go handy with the Auto-refresh and cycling option.

You can test drive the auto-cycle option using this test version

What are the benefits of this feature?

We already have had the auto-refresh feature, and auto-cycling of dashboards during refresh is a natural extension of the feature. We have numerous users and clients asked for the cycling feature so that a DBA or Sysadmin person can setup a dedicated desktop just to monitor the metrics. If the metrics are corporate goal specific then they could also be broadcasted over a TV or a huge display for employee awareness.


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