Dashboards are not an end game

In his blog, James Taylor, highlights some interesting points in response to this article.

“The idea that dashboards are the endgame for BI is frankly terrifying. Have you see the typical dashboard? To misquote Shakespeare, “Much color and expense, signifying nothing”. Seriously, dashboards may be a step up from greenbar reports but the endgame? I don’t think so.”

In my opinion, Dashboards are certainly not the end game. Just a window to your Business information. I think dashboards for Business are important the same way they are for Cars. In Cars, you don’t even get excited with all the meters and dials anymore, you just assume them to be there. Once dashboards for Business becomes ubiquous, people would get less excited about the fancy charts and graphs.

This kind of ubiquity certainly cannot be achieved by pricey and complex software. Dashboards are a step above traditional reporting because Dashboards are one of the most simple UI and users immediately “GET” them. They immediately know the parameters, drills and export options.

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