Dashboard Zone plugin for WordPress

If you are a blogger and use wordpress then you might find this plugin very interesting


DashboardZone is proud to present a brand new plugin to monitor your Blogging goals. This plugin will help you and your readers to keep you on track for reaching your targets. We created this wordpress plugin that monitors the various blog goals and in an effort tries to engage your readers more effectively.”

You can set goals for your blog and measure your progress against them.

This DashboardZone plugin has a set of 5 pre-defined metrics that you can measure against your blog

Total Posts – Overall total number of posts. This is useful if you are starting new and have set a near term goal of reaching say 200 articles in the next 3-4 months. We use this metric on our own site(check the right hand side). Our near term goal is to review 500 dashboards and having a Gauge which lists our target and where we stand. This gives our readers a clear and transparent message => Submit your Dashboards

Average Comments/Post – If you have a popular blog or a site with established readership then this metric can let your users know about how popular is your website and how they can help you reach your growing target. This is total comments divided by total posts on your blog.

Average Posts/Month – This is total posts divided by total number of periods you have been blogging. This will help you remind if you are falling behind your monthly posts.

Current Month Posts – This is the total posts for the current month. If your post frequency is high then this can help you track how much you need to reach the green zone. This is the only metric that is attached to each post upon activation. You can disable this metric by going to Options -> Dashboard Zone and set the “Add to Post” => “No”

Comments for this article – For every post, this will track the total comments.


Here is a live example

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