Dashboard Tree Browser – Outliner

One of the newest feature in InfoCaptor is the Dashboard Tree as shown below.

This is a powerful dashboard object browser that displays all the portlets in a Tree outline. All the children portlets (drill portlets) are automatically shown as child nodes. This tree browser provides single click refresh to any portlet. You can toggle between Dashboard and Tree view. Dashboard Export is much easier with the Tree browser, just right click on any node and select the export option.

You don’t have to do anything special to create this tree. You simple create tables and graphs on the dashboard as usual. Each portlet (qlet or glet) is automatically added to the Tree structure. There are two pre-defined nodes “Graphs” and “With Filters”. Any new graph is added as a child to the “Graphs” node and any portlet with filters is added to the “With Filters” node. All the drill nodes appear as children to the parent node.

For e.g. If you drill from Portlet A to Portlet B, then B will appear as a child to node “A”.

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