Dashboard Testimonial

From a real user


It isn’t often you find a product that has the two cardinal virtues:  a price that’s an order-of-magnitude below the big players in the field, and a development team that really listens and responds to customer feedback and requests.  InfoCaptor is such a product.

Dashboard design and use has swept through the Fortune 500 companies, but until recently it was too expensive and required too much technical knowledge for mid-size companies to embrace.  InfoCaptor has brought the benefits of dashboards to any organization with as few as one trained IT person on staff.

The real strength of InfoCaptor, however, is the dedication of the development team.  InfoCaptor staff worked to try and create additions to the current product in order to fit our specific needs.  There was no reluctance to help, none of the normal “We’re very busy right now� excuses; instead there were dozens of emails, remote assistance, and new beta components on virtually a daily basis.

I am a big fan, and look to InfoCaptor with eager anticipation of what features will be added next. The current product does what products costing 10 times as much do.  I can’t wait to see what this kind of drive, energy, and obvious love of the project on the part of those developing it, will bring to the table next.

Elliot Apter

CIO, Atpac Logistics


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