CST (Cost) Key Tables cst_item_costs , cst_item_cost_details (1)

CST_ITEM_COSTS stores item cost control information by cost type.
For standard costing organizations, the item cost control information for
the Frozen cost type is created when you enter a new item. For average
cost organizations, item cost control information is created when you
transact the item for the first time.

CST_ITEM_COST_DETAILS stores detailed cost information for an item
for a cost type. It is the child table of CST_ITEM_COSTS.
There are three types of detailed item cost: User–defined, Defaulted,
and Rolled up. User–defined costs can be entered in the Item Costs
window. Defaulted and Rolled up costs are generated by Cost Rollup.
If the item does not have cost control information for the cost type you
are rolling up, Cost Rollup copies this level detailed cost information
from the default cost type and marks the rows as Defaulted. Previous
level costs are rolled up costs.

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