CST (Cost) Key tables cst_cost_types, cst_standard_costs (2)

CST_COST_TYPES stores cost type definitions. The table is seeded with
three cost types: Frozen, Average, and Pending. The Frozen cost type is
used in standard costing organizations. The average cost type is used in
average costing organizations. All costs reference a cost type.
PL_ELEMENT_FLAG, PL_RESOURCE_FLAG, PL_OPERATION_FLAG, PL_ACTIVITY_FLAG values are used by the Cost Rollup to determine whether to group rollup costs by cost element, sub element, operation sequence number, or activity.
BOM_SNAPSHOT_FLAG is used by the Cost Rollup to determine
whether to save the bill structure when rolling up costs for a cost type.

CST_STANDARD_COSTS stores item cost and standard cost adjustment
history for every item for every cost update. Records are inserted
during the final phase of the Standard Cost Update process for every
item being updated or when the item costs are initially defined. The
adjustment columns for WIP may not include adjustments for resource
or overhead rates. They include standard cost adjustments for the items
issued and completed from WIP.

CST_COST_ELEMENTS stores the five seeded cost elements: Material,
Material Overhead, Resource, Outside Processing, and Overhead.

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