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Dear Consultants, Developers and all readers,

Here is an interesting thought and let me know if it chimes well with you.

I believe the following idea if implemented could give a significant advantage and boost your marketability.

Now, everybody has a resume or a CV, well ofcourse,this is the first step you execute when you step out of college.

All of us store our resume in a more or less standard Doc format, so how about having an online version of your resume?

Sounds interesting?

This online version would be just a single web page having your resume content. You can either put a summary of your resume or complete details if you like.

So what will a single page resume serve for?

When I suggest someone to start their own blog, I see lot of enthusiasm but no follow through. Few of the main reasons cited is “Don’t know what to write about” or simply “Have no time” or “Is it worth investing the time?”

Creating a single page blog is just the beginning and helps in breaking the inertia. Once you create your resume blog, the web-url becomes your signature URL and you can put this URL back on your resume or when you update your CV on job sites like Monster or Dice. started as a professional journal and it has become modestly huge than I orginally thought of. But it did not happen overnight. No big success happens overnight unless you have a Genie in a bottle. But interestingly all successes appeart to be an overnight success, isn’t it?

Start small, take the first step and do it now has tremendously helped me for my consulting career and is now helping as a marketing engine for InfoCaptor

Similarly, I believe that creating your own blog will help you in one way or the other, if not today then sometime in future.

The blog that you will create will act as one of the building block in your career.

Now let us attack the negatives or the holding back thoughts

“Don’t know what to write about”

Just make it your online professional journal. Start by putting up your resume online and slowly add more pages. Don’t feel pressurised to add more contents. Just add what comes naturally to you. Don’t worry about things like “is it worth posting”. Even if you have a small piece of code or found a new technique, just post it.

You should keep personal stuff out and stick with work related things. Better have a seperate personal blog.

“Have no time”

It would take 5 minutes to create a blog and add your resume to it. Then add a weekly recap of your work related things to it. This would take another 15 minutes. If weekly is too much then stick with bi-weekly or monthly. Is the initial 5 minutes and 15 minutes / week or /month asking too much?

“Is it worth investing the time?”

Do you call 15 minutes/month investment of time? You will eventually know if it is worth the time if you stick to it.

So where do you begin?

Create a blogger account , pick appropriate blog name and add your first post right now within 5 minutes.

Blogger is a free service by Google.

Another free service similar to blogger is to create an account at

Let me know if this is a good idea and if you really followed through send me your blog url by commenting to this post.

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