Create Dashboard Charts (Pie, Bar, Stacked, Area, Ring, Line)

Here is a sneak peek at some of the new charting features and options that are coming for InfoCaptor.

Steps to create the following charts.

1. For Bar, Stacked, Area and Line charts the SQL query should return 3 columns

select building_name,section ,sum(max_size) from "Class"
where building_name like 'B%'
group by building_name, section

The first and second column should be character and the third column should be numeric.

If you have a query that has only two columns (one character and second numeric), then introduce a dummy column in your SQL query with a fixed value

for e.g select char_column1, 'XYZ', number_column from some_table

For Pie and Ring chart, you just need two columns, one character and second numeric.

Bar Chart in Dashboard

You can change the angle of the X-Axis labels by modifying the “xAxisLabelAngle” property. Typical values are 30, 45, 60 degrees but you may use any angle.

Stacked Bar Chart from SQL

You can choose to display Item Labels within the displayed graph and also modify the fonts and style of the item labels. You can also modify the number formatting for the item labesl. see below chart editor section.


Area Chart in portlet

Line Chart SQL query

Pie Charts Dashboard

Dashboard Ring Charts graphs

Chart Editor and Options

create and edit charts editor

You would need to change the following property to change the outlook of any charts






Complete Dashboard with all charts

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