Concurrent Programs, Managers, queues, requests

Concurrent manager

It is a component of your applications concurrent processing facility that monitor and run time–consuming tasks for you without tying up your terminal. Whenever you submit a request, such as running a report, a concurrent manager does the work for you, letting you perform many tasks simultaneously.

It is a daemon program running continuously in the background for e.g a Unix shell script
Concurrent process

A task in the process of completing. Each time you submit a task, you create a new concurrent process. A concurrent process runs simultaneously with other concurrent processes (and other activities on your computer) to help you complete multiple tasks at once with no interruptions to your terminal.
Concurrent queue A list of concurrent requests awaiting completion by a concurrent manager. Each concurrent manager has a queue of requests waiting in line. If your system administrator sets up simultaneous queuing, your request can wait to run in more than one queue.

Concurrent request
A request to complete a task for you. You issue a request whenever you submit a task, such as running a report. Once you submit a task, the concurrent manager automatically takes over for you, completing your request without further involvement from you, or interruption to your work. Concurrent managers process your request according to when you submit the request and the priority you assign to your request. If you do not assign a priority to your request, your application prioritizes the request for you.

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