Cognos Goes Mobile; Too Little Too Late


* According to Cognos, roving users will be able to tap Cognos’ Go! Office Connection to view, interact with, and refresh reports, analyses, and metrics in Excel, PowerPoint, and Word.
* Cognos promises, IT organizations won’t have to reauthor, reformat, or otherwise tweak reports, charts, or other BI content in order to make it consumable by mobile client devices.
* Go! Mobile will also include support for Cognos’ Go! Search Service, which lets users remotely search for�and view�BI content. According to Cognos, “It takes between 30 and 60 seconds to find a report and then have it downloaded on your Blackberry.�


* This product, in Alpha phase, to be released next year, is catch up for Cognos; OBIEE has offered mobile device integration for some time.
* In addition, like the differentiating claim of Cognos, with OBIEE, for devices that can support html and reports at a sufficient resolution (as well as potentially other delivered content, e.g., pdf), no modification is required to the delivered content. Cognos is delivering me too functionality in the distant future!!
* In addition, unlike OBIEE, Cognos still does not offer true fully featured disconnected analysis, a key differentiator for the mobile user!!

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