Basics and Myths about Oracle OLAP

Mark Whitehorn explores The myths and legends of the holy land of the database  “ The database world has more myths and legends than the court of King Arthur. The current myths tend to be less about dragons and dungeons and more about features and performance, such as: Oracle can’t do MOLAP. Oracle is as … Read more

What’s Happening in Business Intelligence(BI): A Nice Overview

 CIOs recently surveyed by Gartner listed it as their number two technology priority for this year; and Forrester Research predicts that the BI reporting and analysis tools and applications software segment will top $7.3bn by 2008. Key Trends The expansion of BI deployments Embedding intelligence as part of key business processes, also known as Operational … Read more

Would you like to be Invisible?

Be honest and tell me, if you had access to the trick of going invisible how would it benefit you? Apart from the naughty things going on in your mind, do you have any ethical, moral, non-criminal stuff that you can do? Apart from killing the terrorists and winning in the wars what else is … Read more

Business Intelligence is Hot, jump on it!

BI is an exploding market and it is the perfect time to select a career in this hot trend. Here is the latest article reinforcing the statement. Even Oracle is hiring big time, our BI group in expanding on a rapid pace. If you think you have the content in you then Oracle might be … Read more

EPB: More Details

• Enterprise Planning and Budgeting sits on top of Enterprise Performance Foundation, which is the platform for other Corporate Performance Management applications such as Oracle Financial Consolidation Hub. This allows Enterprise Planning and Budgeting to share common dimensions and data, enabling the creation of truly integrated performance management solutions. • With Oracle Workflow-enabled processes Enterprise … Read more

Spam can be beautiful “By analyzing text using computational linguistics methods, you can detect anger and sadness. Turning those into gestures in three dimensions, that would be interesting,” said Dragulescu, who is now head of the Experimental Game Lab, a research lab at the Center For Research and Computing and the Arts (CRCA) within the University of California … Read more