Presidents of USA and their Birth Signs – Sankey Visualization

In this analysis, we will visualize the relation between the Age at Presidency, State of Birth and birth sign. Read more at:

What is the most dangerous food at Olive Garden?

Olive Garden is one of the favorite destination for Italian food and today we got hold of the entire Olive Garden menu along with their nutrition data. A typical meal at Olive Garden starts with a drink, appetizers [free bread sticks], main dish and finally the desert. So going in the same sequence let see … Read more

jquery : Parent Detail Table rows

How to build master detail table using jquery I found this jquery trick and I am reposting it for my own reference here Expandable “Detail” Table Rows The only requirements are: Put a class of “parent” on each parent row (tr) Give each parent row (tr) an id Give each child row a class … Read more

javascript compilers – languages that convert to javascript

List of languages that compile to JS If you are coding directly in javascript framework like jQuery, mootools, YUI etc then the list may not be useful but the following list will give you options to code your web application

Align Div Bottoms using jQuery

jQuery is so awesome! Trust me, I have been developing InfoCaptor using Java and if there was something similar like jQuery for Java, it would have been truly great. Can you imagine the amount of code that would have gone in writing a simple thing like aligning bottoms of multiple frames on the same page. … Read more