How to make Java talk to multiple databases?

One of the important feature of InfoCaptor is to connect to most of the databases available for which a JDBC driver is available. In this article I will mention the internal details of how this is done. In order to talk to a database, a java application needs a JDBC driver which is an interface … Read more

Dashboard from SQL database

Here is a simple 3-5 minute presentation that I prepared for InfoCaptor, Simple, Easy and Quick Dashboard Designer Presentation I wanted this illustration to be as simple as possible at the same time conveying the message in the shortest period of time. Although it does not cover everything but gives a good overview Email me your … Read more

How to : Install InfoCaptor Dashboard Designer?

This series will focus on steps required to design, build and deploy dashboards using InfoCaptor We will start from the very ground up, build a simple dashboard and then enhance the functionality of our dashboard gradually. If you have already installed and configured InfoCaptor then you may skip the below section How to install Download … Read more

Need beta testers for InfoCaptor Dashboard Designer

Although we have the current release of InfoCaptor out, the product is constantly being enhanced. There are lots of new features in pipeline. I am asking for your valuable time to help us beta-test the product. If you think the product might be useful to you or at your work place and you can spare … Read more