Javascript Sprite Framework

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sprite.js is an open source framework for working with JavaScript sprites more efficiently.

The library provides two rendering backends: HTML and Canvas. The HTML version, which displays sprites using DOM elements, is used by default because the Canvas backend is slower when running on Firefox, Opera and Chrome. According to the project’s notes on Github, “Canvas seems faster when there is a lot of transformations applied to the sprite.”

There are three demos, each with a system load counter:

Particle generator –

animated sprites

Input test

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Particle generator using HTML5 Canvas

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I have been building my new web app using HTML5, Canvas and jQuery and during this development journey I have to spend enormous time learning through all this new stuff. And the best way to learn is by going through working examples.

One such example I stumbled across is Canvas Tutorial for particle generator

The author demonstrates how to build Particle generator using just javascript and canvas tag. No Flash is needed.

Here is the Demo










You can also get the source code at the same site.

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