Financial Intelligence (GL Balances)

GL Balances in Oracle General Ledger is the summary of your entire ERP and hence is the first level of aggregation available directly within the applications. There is some really good intelligent information stored in this table. We will see how to extract some of the vital information as below. · What is expense by … Read more

Overview of Key and Descriptive Flex fields

Here is a brief description of key and descriptive flexfields. It is not detailed but gives a good overview. Key Flexfield:  Most businesses use codes made up of meaningful segments (intelligent keys) to identify accounts, part numbers, and other business entities. For example, a company might have a part number â€?PAD–NR–YEL–8 1/2×14â€? indicating a notepad, … Read more

Embedded Analytics

Wayne Eckerson at offers his insight into Embedded Analytics. Here is what he says “ Embedded analytics are the next wave in business intelligence because they bring BI closer to the operations and processes that drive businesses on a daily basis. Embedded analytics won’t replace standalone BI tools. Rather, they will make the functionality offered … Read more

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Discoverer Business Views Overview

What are Business Views that Oracle refers to within all the intelligence products like BIS, Discoverer for APPs and Daily Business Intelligence? A Business View is a database view on top of Oracle Apps Tables Logical view encapsulating key columns and extra information from Flex Fields (Key and Descriptive) Easy and Efficient mechanism to reflect … Read more

Convert DFF (Descriptive Flex field) to Number

Often data in Oracle Applications is stored in extended columns known as Descriptive Flex field columns. These are character columns which you can map it to store any kind of information. On the front end, it is possible to apply validations like numeric, date or character but the ultimate value that gets stored inside these … Read more

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What is Oracle Apps (ERP)?

(Also known as e-business suite) Lets take an example. Suppose you are running a small grocery shop named “Janata Groceryâ€?, so the typical operation as a shop owner is you basically buy groceries from some big seller and stock it in your shop. Now people come to your shop for day-to-day needs and buy stuff … Read more

How do you drill?

In the hard physical world there are standard tools available that can do the job easily. For e.g a Screw Driver can drill holes in the wall, wood and wherever it says it can. Similarly there are pressurized Air Guns available that do similar job in road and building construction. But in the soft world … Read more

What is BI?

How do I know? But let me guess, To me it seems like something that costs lots of BIG BUCKS and that promises to SAVE/EARN/(or lose) BIG BUCKS. Is it Intelligence about the Business or Business built around Selling Intelligence of your Business? I guess it is a mutual give and take relationship, You give … Read more