Database Normalization and Table structures

Database Normalization and Table structures Database Normalization and Table structures Normalisation is the term used to describe how you break a file down into tables to create a database. There are 3 or 4 major steps involved known as 1NF (First Normal Form), 2NF (Second Normal Form), 3NF (Third Normal Form) and BCNF (Boyce-Codd Normal … Read more

Interview Questions – Oracle AR (Functional) -Accounts Receivables 03

Interview Questions – Oracle AR (Functional) -Accounts Receivables 03 Interview Questions – Oracle AR (Functional) Accounts Receivables Interview Questions AND aSWERS some of the questions and answers listed here might repeat .from 1. How do you create a Chargeback Invoice ? A. Using Receipts window 2. How do you adjust the amount of … Read more

Create a Simple Flex Field Report

STEPS REQUIRED TO CREATE A SIMPLE FLEX FIELD REPORT (continued to FLEX Field Reports ) 1. Open the Report in Report Builder. 2. Create User defined parameters as per our requirement. 3. Call FND SRWINIT User Exit in Before Report Trigger. BEGIN SRW.USER_EXIT (’FND SRWINIT’); RETURN (TRUE); END; 4. Call FND SRWEXIT User Exit in … Read more

Open Interfaces and SQL * Loader – utl file

Quick post links The provided program logic validates the records. Any errors are transferred into another table (called Error Table). The correct records are then transferred through a process into destination application table. These can be used to either transfer data from Oracle Applications to a flat file or data from legacy system … Read more

ERP Training Institutes

Since this website receives lot of requests on ERP training institutes in India and in USA, I would like to create a section dedicated to this need. So if you or people you know have first hand experience with any institute please feel free to put the Name, address, website into the comments section of … Read more

Q&A: How to find current Inventory Quantity?

Question: How to find the current quantity in Oracle Inventory. What is the table and column details? The short answer is, you can get the current inventory balance by querying the mtl_onhand_quantities view. To get the current balance you would have to write a query like select sum(transaction_quantity) from mtl_onhand_quantities where inventory_item_id=1234 and organization_id=201 Why do we need to do a … Read more

Oracle Inventory Overview, basic understanding!

What is inventory? In simple terms it is a stock of items that your business is selling in order to make a living. Almost every non-IT related business has some physical items to sell and hence Inventory is at the heart of almost any business and is central to the planning process. The considerations in … Read more

How to find a column in database

Once, at a client site I was asked to do a drill through report from Purchasing to Fixed Assets. I don’t remember the exact details but it had something to do with Purchase orders. I knew little bit about Oracle Purchasing but had not worked enough on Fixed Assets. So I thought maybe I should … Read more