Popularity of Tea, Coffee, Beer and Wine Visualization

If number of searches were an indicator for gauging the popularity of a drink between Tea, Coffee, Beer and Wine then who wins the contest? Which drink is gaining popularity and which is losing? Read more at: http://www.infocaptor.com/dashboard/popularity-of-tea-coffee-beer-and-wine-visualization

MBA Finance and ERP – Can it go together?

I get lot of emails asking questions about career with ERP. For example, one of our readers asked the question below “Hi, I have done MBA in Finance and willing to work in ERP, which modules would be better suited for my skillset” The beauty of any ERP system, is you need both functional and … Read more

Multi Org Structure Virtual Private Database

Please read the Multi-Org Background information Virtual Private Database (VPD) The Virtual Private Database (VPD) feature allows developers to enforce security by attaching a security policy to database objects such as tables, views and synonyms. It attaches a predicate function to every SQL statement to the objects by applying security policies. When a user directly … Read more

Multi Org Structure

Overview of Multiple Organizations Architecture for release 11 and prior The primary objective of multiple organizations architecture, introduced in Oracle Applications Release 10.6, is to secure data from unauthorized access by individuals belonging to different operating units in an enterprise. A new or fresh installation of an Oracle Applications instance does not automatically enable multiple … Read more

Data Conversion for Oracle Applications

Data Conversion for Oracle Applications This topic is shared to provide an overview of Data Conversion for Oracle ERP.Approach used for Data Conversion with details on each and every steps as below find here data-conversion-for-oracle-applications 1. Conversion Data Mapping 2. Download Programs 3. ASCII Flat File 4. Upload Program 5. Interface Interface Table Creation of … Read more

AIM (Application Implementation Method )

AIM (Application Implementation Method ) Posted on June 30th, 2008 by admin AIM (Application Implementation Method ) Every Oracle apps consultant will be and should be aware of the documents related to his/her work profile depending if they are Functional or Technical consultant. Business Process Architecture (BP) BP.010 Define Business and Process Strategy BP.020 Catalog … Read more