VC Investment Data visualization and analytics

Using the data from and easy to use dashboard software we perform analytics on a huge dataset that spans 20 years of Venture capital investment data from 1995 onward. Having data that goes far into the history should give us enough to extract the necessary analytical juice out of it.   The year 2000 … Read more

Trends in Big Data, Hadoop, Business Intelligence, Analytics and Dashboards

How has the interest in Big Data, Hadoop, Business Intelligence, Analytics and Dashboards changed over the years? One easy way to gauge the interest is to measure how much news is generated for the related term and Google Trends allows you do that very easily. After plugging all of the above terms in Google trends … Read more

Review and evaluation of Dashboard vendor’s front page

Dashboardzone just finished reviewing the front page of BI and Dashboard vendors.     Checkout the different use of the bubble word cloud service   vendor words first second third SAP 270 sap software business IBM Cognos 169 cognos business software Dundas 149 dundas dashboard dashboards Infocaptor 184 dashboard infocaptor easy Information Builders 272 management … Read more

InfoCaptor releases self hosted web dashboard

InfoCaptor released the free online dashboard for every small business user in the entire universe. The free dashboard is available at and it is one of the most innovative dashboard in the Business Intelligence world. With the online dashboard a small biz owner can automate its entire business reporting and set it on auto-pilot. … Read more

Disruptive Dashboard with Bells and Whistles – Google Analytics – Facebook – Database

Ever imagined your dashboard could sing? Ever wondered if the widgets on your dashboard could shake and dance? Ever imagined you could design your dashboard like a flowchart and move your magic wand and “Boom!” the flowchart starts displaying real time metrics. Ever wondered a cloud based Dashboard SAAS service that is dead easy to … Read more

Google Docs hosted Microsoft Office files with Cloud Connect

You can now open Office files stored in Google Docs directly from Microsoft Office. After downloading the file with Google Cloud Connect, you can sync changes to the file stored in Docs and collaborate with others. Editions included: Google Apps, Google Apps for Business, Government and Education Languages included: All languages supported by Google Cloud … Read more

MockupTiger with Gmail

MockupTiger forums already have login enabled with Gmail. Down the line when we release the web service it will be lauched in Google Apps store and have a fluid connection to Gmail. Gmail has emerged as the best free email alternative and all of my business emails are hosted on Google apps Some of the … Read more

Adwords Interest Categories

How Interest Categories Work When a user visits a website, Google analyzes the content of the site and uses data from third-party companies to associate interests with a user’s cookie. Google takes into account how often users visit sites within those categories, among other factors, to assign interests to that user. Your ads will then … Read more