Can you use Discoverer BIS views with Business Objects?

To use the pre-seeded BIS views you need Discoverer Administrator to install the eex files.

All the BIS views have in-built security that leverages Oracle Application Responsibiilties,
security profiles and Business Groups. When you log-into Discoverer using apps mode
(by using your Oracle Apps user/pwd) then it automatically sets all the context
data and hence the BIS views returns only the data that the user is authorized to see.

How is the context set?
Using this PL/SQL FNDSQF API call ,
you can set the context.

I believe, if you use Discoverer in Apps mode it uses this function or similar functionality to set the context for the user who just logged in.

For e.g if you query ra_customer_trx view without setting the context then
it won’t return any data. This view is a multi-org secured view and is based
on the ra_customer_trx_all table. Most of the Oracle apps base tables have
a suffix of _ALL and you are not supposed to query this table directly for
any serious reporting, instead you should always use the more secured views.
But in order to use the secured views you need to use the above mentioned
pl/sql function to set the context.

So you can say BIS views are in a way dependent on Discoverer. The workaround for
this situation would be to remove the security clause from each view but then
it would be too much of work and plus the data would be free for all users,
no restriction on who sees what!

I am not sure if Business Objects can set this context the same way as Discoverer does. If it does not then BIS views cannot work with Business Objects.

Can someone confirm this?

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