Bill of Materials Key tables bom_inventory_components(2)

BOM_INVENTORY_COMPONENTS stores information about bills of
material components. This table only stores single–level components.
COMPONENT_SEQUENCE_ID uniquely identifies each row. There is one row per component on an operation within a given date range.
This table is the main child table of BOM_BILL_OF_MATERIALS and
references the parent using BILL_SEQUENCE_ID. It uses EFFECTIVITY_DATE and DISABLE_DATE to time phase components into a bill of material. The Bill of Material window enforces that only one row for a component in an operation is effective at a given time.
REVISED_ITEM_SEQUENCE_ID points to the revised item on an ECO that affects a particular component row. If IMPLEMENTATION_DATE is null, the component is pending on an engineering change that has not yet been implemented. IMPLEMENTATION_DATE is either NULL (pending on ECO) or equals EFFECTIVITY_DATE (implemented).
OLD_COMPONENT_SEQUENCE_ID points to the original component row affected by this component row through an engineering change.
This table also contains certain columns relating to shipping, billing and accounting for revenue on a customer order through Oracle Order Management. CHECK_ATP determines if an ATP check is required for this item when placing an order and overrides the Item level ATP flag.
LOW_QUANTITY and HIGH_QUANTITY define minimum and maximum quantities of this component item that can be placed on an order if the customer chooses to override COMPONENT_QUANTITY.
OPTIONAL decides if a component is a required option class you have to choose from (for Option Class items) or a required item (for Standard items) when taking an order. For Option Class items, MUTUALLY_EXCLUSIVE_OPTIONS decides if one or more of its
components can be placed on an order when you pick this option class.
OPERATION_LEAD_TIME_PERCENT is denormalized for performance from BOM_OPERATION_SEQUENCES when rolling up cumulative lead times.
The ORGANIZATION_ID for the component can be derived from the 

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