Bill of Materials Key Tables (1)

BOM_BILL_OF_MATERIALS stores information about manufacturing
and engineering bills of material. Each row in this table represents a
unique manufacturing or engineering bill and is identified by
Oracle Bills of Material stores planning bills, model/option structures
and standard bills in this table. The item’s BOM_ITEM_TYPE attribute
dictates the type of bill of material defined in this table. There is no
identifier in this table that differentiates planning, model, option class,
standard bills or product families.
If a bill shares its structure with another bill in the same or a different
organization, COMMON_BILL_SEQUENCE_ID refers to that common
bill. This is a mandatory column that equals BILL_SEQUENCE_ID if
there is no common bill reference.
If an engineering change order creates a new bill of material for an item,
PENDING_FROM_ECN stores the ECO number that originates this new


BOM_RESOURCES stores information about resources, overheads,
material overheads, and material sub–elements. COST_ELEMENT_ID
determines the type of the resource. Resources are additionally
classified as either material resources or outside processing resources
If the resource represents a currency unit, UNIT_OF_MEASURE stores
the currency code associated with the set of books the organization
points to.

BOM_OPERATIONAL_ROUTINGS stores information about
manufacturing and engineering routings.
If a routing shares its operation steps with another routing in the same
organization, COMMON_ROUTING_SEQUENCE_ID is a reference to
that common routing This is a mandatory column that equals
ROUTING_SEQUENCE_ID if there is no common reference If the
routing references a common routing, Oracle Bills of Materials populates
the INVENTORY_ITEM_ID of the common into

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