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  • Cognos Delays Filing; Shares Drop 11% 
  • Cognos Unveils New Performance Solutions for Financial Management, Financial Services and Life Sciences 
  • Cognos Unveils New Performance Solutions for Financial Management, Financial Services and Life Sciences 
  • Gartner Urges Caution When Considering Vertical Offerings from Best of Breed BI Vendors 
  • Pegasystems Partners With Cognos; Needs BPM

Cognos Delays Filing; Shares Drop 11% 


ognos shares fell 11 percent before the bell on May 16, 2006, a day after the company said it would delay filing the annual report for its recent fiscal year. 


 In spite of Cognos’s recent high profile announcements around Search, SOA, and Performance Management in recent weeks, continued uncertainty remains around uptake of Cognos 8 given significant migration challenges and essentially new product pricing for upgrades. 


Cognos Unveils New Performance Solutions for Financial Management, Financial Services and Life Sciences 



ognos announced the new blue print offerings listed below.  Cognos claims blue prints include data models, implementation templates and best practices for specific solutions. 


  • Management and Financial Reporting (MFR) provides a pre-built library of easy to configure performance reports 
  • International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) Performance Blueprints addresses the move by the European Commission to establish common regulatory and accounting standards 
  • Cognos Close, Consolidate and Report (CCR) Performance Blueprint developed in partnership with Deloitte and Touche, provides a template for the consolidation and closing process.  Deloitte has itemized 30 financial control objectives linked to the framework established by the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO), a private sector organization dedicated to improving the quality of financial reporting. 
  • The new Financial Services blue print in conjunction with 3rd party activity based costing vendor, Acorn Systems, is intended to help retail banks optimize branch profitability. Acorn System’s Profit Analyzer, like Oracle’s newly released Profitability Analyzer, uniquely assigns general ledger costs and resources through business processes to precisely determine the baseline cost and profitability of individual customers, segments, channels, branches, products and even transactions, based on historical performance. 
  • Clinical trial forecasting blue print allows drug companies to better anticipate clinical trial resource requirements and accompanying expenses.  The second module will give companies the ability to build optimal sample distribution strategies that take into account current market conditions, field level information, inventory plans, and other corporate goals. 


Cognos emphasizes the following differentiators: 

  • Driver-based planning for more granular management of key revenue and expense lines 
  • Flexible initiative planning to better mobilize new product introductions, marketing campaigns and other initiatives (branch-level for Financial Services) 
  • Position-level staff planning for strong headcount expenditure control (branch in Financial Services Offering) 
  • Break-back functionality to automatically pro-rate revenues, margins or costs to meet goals 
  • What-if’ modeling and analysis to best determine the impact of decisions using multiple scenarios 
  • Intuitive dashboards to monitor and analyze performance indicators at various levels…No doubt this is provided through an additional purchased of ReportNet..Planning can be a data source for ReportNet reports.. 

  • Integrated workflow capabilities to facilitate enterprise collaboration and accountability 


Cognos says these blue prints are based on the proven reporting and analysis capabilities of Cognos 8 Business Intelligence and the enterprise financial consolidation and corporate reporting capabilities of Cognos 8 Controller.

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