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BusinessObjects XI Release 2 Adds Needed Stability with Some ... - New York,NY,USA ... versatile its BI infrastructure and capabilities had become and began monitoring several disease states against historical benchmarks. An eMARS dashboard for ... <> Maximize Business Performance: - New York,NY,USA ... At this point in time, Applix provides the necessary BI, budgeting, consolidation and dashboard tools to cover the core BPM bases. ... <> Trends in Operational BI - New York,NY,USA ... This service may return a calculated value or render a report or a dashboard. In both approaches, BI augments the capabilities of an existing operational ... <> The Art of the Decision - New York,NY,USA ... The dashboard isn'ta steering wheel or a button - you know where you're ... It's not like this BI/data warehouse/analytics infrastructure is necessary to do these ... <>
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