Being an Oracle Consultant

In August 2006, I will be completing 2 yrs with Oracle. Prior to that I used to work for Rapidigm and prior to that I worked for Wipro in Bangalore.

Rapidigm is a big IT consulting firm but ofcourse not in the big 5/6/7 league. Comparing the differences between the two, here are some of things that come to mind.

I worked at 5 clients in the entire duration of 5 yrs that I was with Rapidigm, whereas being with Oracle since Aug 2004 I am already working at my 9th client. When with Rapidigm I was very much technical doing reports, pl/sql etc but with Oracle I have become Techno-Functional and the products and tools I work on are more functionally oriented. Typically technical projects are longer than pure functional. The other factor is the rate which the client pays. Functional folks are much more expensive than technical and hence the client tends to keep technical people for longer periods.

One benefit of being an Oracle Consultant is that, quite often I feel that the client respects you and your opinions more than I was with Rapidigm. Its not that I did not get respect before but there is some additional stuff that might be going like ‘Are baba Oracle se hai re…toh sab kuch ata hoga ;-)’ (meaning – being from Oracle he must be a guru in all that is Oracle). Another factor affecting would be the higher rate that the client pays for your time!

Being with Oracle always keeps me on the edge, its not a choice but a requirement! Almost from the begining I have had to jump start on new tools and products. Even though there is excellent depth of learning material available internally within Oracle University it is quite exhausting to comprehend everything in short period. Another big requirement (not a choice!) of being an Oracle Consultant is 100% travel. This sometimes becomes quite a killer in all terms. The main killer is that you get to be away from your family for 4 or 5 days in a week. Thats a huge sacrifice! To compensate most of the times I convince clients to get me VPN access so that I can work from home when needed and this had been working good so far!

So being an Oracle Consultant has been really beneficial and rewarding so far!


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