Asked : What is Performance Management Framework and Viewer (PMF / PMV)

Here is a brief overview of PMF and PMV. I had to ask for help from my colleagues to get me some good information on this one.

Performance Management Framework (PMF) is a foundation technology of the
Business Intelligence product family and is a key component of Oracle e-Business
Suite. PMF provides a set of pre-seeded performance measures, such as Revenue or
Bookings, that managers can use to track activity across their enterprise.

The performance measures are provided when you setup the products in the Business
Intelligence product family: Oracle Business Intelligence System, Oracle Embedded
Data Warehouse, or Oracle Daily Business Intelligence.
PMF enables you to set up a target value for each of the preseeded performance
measures. You can also define up to 3 tolerance ranges for each measure. Each
tolerance range can be associated with a different owner, either a responsibility or
user, as illustrated in the following table. Whenever a measure falls out of one or
more of the defined tolerance ranges, the owner associated with that tolerance
range automatically receives a notification. You can also set up workflows that
automatically correct the problem.
You can schedule or request alerts for each measure using one of two supported
alerting technologies: Oracle Alerts or E-Business Alerts.

Data Sources
E-Business Alerts measures can retrieve data from any source, as long as the
performance information is contained in a database view. Oracle Applications
contains pre-built measures and their associated database views. These views can
provide information from a data warehouse or transaction system. The E-Business
Alerts measures are only available with Oracle Embedded Data Warehouse and
Oracle Daily Business Intelligence.
Oracle Alerts measures can retrieve data from any source that can be coded in the
alerts. Pre-built measures retrieve data from the transactional system, usually from
a summary database table.

The Performance Management Viewer (PMV) is the underlying technology that
renders portlets and reports in Business Intelligence applications. PMV is
technology independent so it can be used to render reports in either OLTP or EDW
PMV lets users access a set of pre-built reports that are specifically tailored to
intelligence users. These reports provide an intuitive and easy way to navigate
through the user interface. For a complete list of the available PMV reports, see the
Business Intelligence documentation for the intelligence product and platform you
are using (for example, Oracle Embedded Data Warehouse User Guide, “Reports”
PMV enables you to use the generic Performance Management portlet to display
graphs or tables from any of the PMV reports that you have access to.


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