Asked : What is Fiscal Calendar in Oracle?

Fiscal Calendar is an interesting concept. Usually it is geared towards companies who have financial obligations like reporting to government regulatories etc.

In a Fiscal Calendar, the first month of the year is usually not January (which is the usual first month of a normal calendar). Companies decide when they want to start a year. For e.g in India, most of the businesses start their new year during Diwali. Lets say a company decides their first month of their fiscal year is going to be Jun so the last month is May.

How is the numbering done in oracle?

If you query the gl_periods table ,  you will find columns such as period number, period_name, period year.

Lets say you are looking at fiscal year 2007.
Your 1st period in fiscal 2007 is Jun of 2006(regular calendar), so the period_number is 1 and the period_name would be something like Jun-2007 or Jun-07.

and the last period that is fiscal May-07 would be falling in May-2007 of regular calendar.

And then the next fiscal year i.e 2008 will begin in Jun-2007 (regular calendar) and end in May-2008 of regular calendar.

can it be more complicated 😉

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