Adding Time dimension to Dashboard

In the previous section we demonstrated on how to add the parameter description.

We will continue adding the Time dimension.

Here is a basic time dimension query (In the figure below, it is displayed as a Qlet and not as parameter)


We will extend the basic Time dimension to include the month and the year columns

Click on the new parameter button (follow the detailed steps of adding the Product dimension)


Click on ‘Apply’

You should see the Time dimension added to the dasboard


We will now link the Sales Fact to the Time dimension (wiring with Time dimenion)

Edit the Sales Fact portlet

In the Query region, add a condition ‘and f.time_key = ‘

After the ‘=’ sign, right click and select the Time parameter key value from the sub-menu as shown below


Your final ‘Sales Fact’ query should look similar as shown below


Click on ‘Apply’ and you should see a more restricted list in the Sales Fact portlet.


Concluding the Dashboard creation process with the Store Dimension and enabling ‘All’ values

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