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In the previous section we linked the Time dimension to the dashboard Buy Tenormin Without Prescription, portlet.

We will wrap this tutorial with the addition of the store dimension, Tenormin reviews. Tenormin results, We will also make some query changes to enable the 'ALL' parameter value selection.

Create the Store dimension using the following query as the base

Select s.store_name, Tenormin duration, Discount Tenormin, s.store_key
from s

Now link the Store parameter to the Sales Fact as shown below


Click 'Apply'

You should see the results as shown below.


We will modify the query for the 'Sales Fact' to include the dimension joins in the query, about Tenormin.

p.description Product_Description
, to_char(t.transaction_date,'Month') time_month
, to_char(t.transaction_date,'YYYY') time_year
, s.store_name store_name
, f.sales
, f.unit_sales
, f.cost
, f.customer_count
, f.profit
from video5.sales_fact f
, video5.product p
, s
, video5.times t
where f.product_key = p.product_key
and p.product_key like 'G_PARAM
' /*p.product_keyproduct_key*/
and f.time_key=t.time_key
and t.time_key like 'G_PARAM
' /*t.time_key*/
and f.store_key=s.store_key
and s.store_key like 'G_PARAM
' /*s.store_key*/

Having the dimension tables in the query gives us more flexibility in terms of what information we can display with the portlet, Buy Tenormin Without Prescription. Buy generic Tenormin, You should notice that the parameter links are now pointing to the dimension table and the dimension keys are joined to the fact keys. In a star schema, what is Tenormin, Tenormin alternatives, it is always recommended to query through the dimensions as they have low cardinality and it makes better use of indexing (bitmap indexes?)
Click on 'Apply'
Edit the 'Store' Parameter and select 'Y' for the 'Enable ALL Value' as shown below.
Using the above e.g, buy Tenormin without a prescription. Tenormin long term, edit the Product and Time dimension and select 'Y' for the 'Enable All value'
Once the parameters are enabled to show 'ALL Values', we will make a small change in the Fact query, Tenormin over the counter. Buy Tenormin Without Prescription, Technical Details: When you enable 'All Values' for any parameter, it adds a dummy value in the parameter list with a display value of 'ALL Values' and internally it sends a reference value of '%'. Tenormin brand name, So in our Fact query we would change the '=' operator with the 'like' operator.
Now you see, buying Tenormin online over the counter, Tenormin from canada, the fact portlet is 'All Enabled' and complete.

To see the actual query that is being submitted to the database and executed follow these steps

Click on 'Run' menu

Select the 'Display Log'

Click on 'Log Enabled' and close the window

Now refresh any parameter or the Fact query, where can i order Tenormin without prescription. Online buying Tenormin hcl, Go back to the 'Display Log' or type 'Ctrl+L'

you should see a query similar to as shown below

p.description Product_Description
, to_char(t.transaction_date, Tenormin wiki, Tenormin maximum dosage, 'Month') time_month
, to_char(t.transaction_date, real brand Tenormin online, Tenormin pictures, 'YYYY') time_year
, s.store_name store_name, australia, uk, us, usa, Cheap Tenormin, f.sales
, f.unit_sales, buy no prescription Tenormin online, Comprar en línea Tenormin, comprar Tenormin baratos, f.cost
, f.customer_count, Tenormin samples, Tenormin steet value, f.profit
from video5.sales_fact f
, video5.product p, after Tenormin, Cheap Tenormin no rx, s
, video5.times t
where f.product_key = p.product_key
and p.product_key like '4' /*p.product_keyproduct_key*/
and f.time_key=t.time_key
and t.time_key like '%' /*t.time_key*/
and f.store_key=s.store_key
and s.store_key like '1' /*s.store_key*/

We will modify the Fact query to display decimal values as shown below

So this completes our basic dashboard, order Tenormin online c.o.d. Fast shipping Tenormin, We will save the dashboard as a file.


Happy Dashboarding, Tenormin coupon. No prescription Tenormin online. Tenormin overnight. Tenormin interactions. Where can i buy cheapest Tenormin online.

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