Excel Dashboard

Excel Dashboard is a easy and quick fix solution for common Business Intelligence and Dashboard

  1. A typical user can simply request a data extract in Excel.
  2. Creates the dashboard by connecting Excel Dashboard Software to Excel file
  3. Creates a PDF report and sends it to the boss

Kevin, the manager, loves the pdf output and asks Vickie if they can see the dashboard real-time?

Vickie : Sure, I will zip you all the files

Manager now sees the dashboard on his laptop and cannot wait to show it to his boss – Steph.

Steph : Ok, how do we share it with our regional managers?

Kevin : Vickie sent me this zip file but not sure if it can be put on our webserver. He grabs Vickie in the conference and Vickie says, sure it is not a biggie. We can put the same dashboard on our intranet and have everybody take a peek at.

Vickie is the hero!

How did this happen?

It seems Vickie learnt the Excel Dashboard majick trick and it all begins here