5 Simple Dashboard Practices

No Clutter

Don’t clutter your dashboard with unnecessary visual elements and data. If it looks too busy, then it will fail to communicate the data effectively. Don’t include every bit of data in a dashboard. Seperate them into separate dashboard Tabs.

Single Page – No Horizontal scrolling

Do not put objects on the far right so that the user has to scroll horizontally. It is easy to scroll only one direction which is vertical as that is the default website browsing behavior.

Do not print your Dashboard

Encourage users to export dashboard to PDF and stay on the “Green” side

Add interactivity

Adding extra interactivity to your dashboard, such as being able to select a certain region or being able to drill down can make a huge difference in the perceived usability.

Keep it simple

Show trend by periods

Show pie charts by categories or dimensions

Show tabular data with exception formatting


At the end, ask yourself, “Does this provide any value?” If so, what is it?